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Welcome New and Returning Players

​A warm FTF welcome to all new  and returning players and their families!

Equipment Day is usually the first interaction with board members and coaching staff for a new family in Five Town Football. This usually takes place in the first two weeks of August. We hope that most of your initial questions can be answered here in order that your first and subsequent seasons are successful and fun.

W​​​e invite you to review our calendar and our Coaches Manual below as they may answer many of your questions.

What does my player need to bring to practices and games?

​        Your player will be issued all equipment except the following: t shirt, sliding shorts with hard cup or shorts with athletic supporter and hard cup, socks, cleats, mouth protector and just as important is bringing a great learning and never quit attitude!

We provide water at every practice and on gameday. We also have a limited collection of used cleats available to those who need them.

​Optional items you may wish to provide for your player include personal water bottle, a soak and snap type cooling towel, gloves, forearm protection, cold weather undershirts and/or long johns, combination back/rib protector belt, such as this one or its equivalent.

W​​​e invite you to review our Coaches Manual below as it may answer many of your questions.

Player Safety is our first concern

We take our players safety seriously by utilizing ImPACT testing through Jan Salis PT, ATC at Colby College's Maine Concussion Management Initiative (MCMI) and Dr. Kendra Bryant, Ph.D., ABPP-CN of Neuropsychology and Concussion Management Associates right here in Rockport. Players 10 & up are tested on computers at the Camden Hills Regional High School library and 9 & under at Dr. Bryant's office.  ImPACT testing establishes an annual baseline for each of our players. This baseline would be used by a primary care provider in evaluating a player for a possible concussion and any cognitive effects. 

We are one of just three youth sports organizations in the state that provide this testing for your player, and it’s free of charge to you.

MCMI also provides annual training to keep our coaches up to date on the very latest concussion information and best practices.

We have a certified EMT on site for every gameday along with well stocked first aid kits as well as the purchase of an Automatic Emergency Defibrillator (AED) for the 2017 season.

Since 2014, FTF has been utilizing shoulder or rugby style tackling as developed by Seattle Seahawks assistant coach Rocky Seto. This type of tackling keeps the head and neck out of the play. View videos of this tackling on our players fitness page and Coach Rocky’s

Why are the coaches yelling all the time?

           Its actually a matter of the helmet earpads rubbing against the players ears when in motion, that make it difficult for them to hear the coaches instructions when using a normal voice.

These videos below from USA Football and Xenith helmets will give you a preview of the fitting process the coaching staff will provide for your player on Equipment Day.