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Wednesday night is canceled!

Due to weather, Wednesday July 14th,  is canceled and will be made up on Friday July 16.

Register for Jammer Camp 2021

Tues July 13h thru Thurs July 15th at True Park in Hope

2021 Jammer Camp!

July 13, 15, & 16

5:30pm - 7:30pm

True Park- Hope, ME

Registration is Now Open!!

Registration is now open for Jammer Camp and the Fall Season!!! We are looking for coaches, if you enjoy working with kids and want to help coach please contact Kenny Johndro (see contact info. below). FTF is always looking for board members, please consider helping this organization do wonderful things by joining the board!

2021 Fall Tackle Football Season!

Middle School: Grades 7 & 8

Varsity: Grades 5 & 6

Junior Varsity (JV): Grades 3 & 4

Registration is Now Open!!


We are always registering coed tackle players Sign up here!

Matt Dingle

Matt Dingle

FTF President

Kenny Johndro

Kenny Johndro

VP of Operations

Suzanne Johndro

Suzanne Johndro

VP of Administration

Tom Chester


Tribute to Keel

Below is an essay Keel wrote about his love for football. The Five Town Football community was saddened by the passing of Keel at the young age of twelve this summer. He was fierce competitor, a loyal teammate and joy to coach. We all miss him dearly.

Football is My Life

Football is my life. No one can change that no matter what they say. It is the best sport ever! I do not know what my life would be without it. I love it with my heart. Just when I hold the football, there is some magical force. It's greatness when you catch the ball, you feel pride. There are great challenges I will have to overcome to play tackle football, like gaining weight. This sport, there is something about it. It makes me feel happy. Like it's where I'm supposed to be. Like it is my destiny. I feel like lots of people doubt that one skinny kid like me could play football, but maybe one day I will be in the NFL and people will say, "Hey, I knew that guy!"

Never give up on football and it won't give up on you! Football is not just a game to me. There is something about it that I love.

-Keel  (2007 - 2020)

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