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Coaches Manual - 2017 Edition

A Typical FTF Year was 2017.....

February 3rd - 5th Coaches to

                         Glazier Clinics

             27th  Winter Flag begins at the                        Pitch on Mondays

April 3rd

              Winter flag ends

​May 29th

              Camden Lions Memorial Day

                    Main Street Flags

July 18th-20th

              Jammer camp with Combine

                     finale at True Park


              13th Equipment Day

              14th First practices at CRMS

                          lower field

                          then at Snow Bowl


               2nd First game for JV/Varsity

                           on Saturdays

               3rd First field painting

               5th First game for Middle

                          School on Tuesdays

                          our awesome

                          Concessions Opens!

               14th Spaghetti Dinner Jersey

                          Auction at Rockport

                          Masonic Center

​October 7th

                Homecoming night game at

                     Camden Hills High School


                4th Championship weekend

                     Season Finale 

                     Celebration at the Pitch

                25th Camden Lions xmas

                                        tree lighting

December 1st

               Christmas by the Sea Parade

pdf file of 2017 Coaches Manual



W​​​e invite you to review our recent calendar and our Coaches Manual below as they may answer many of your questions.

What does my player need to bring to practices and games?

​        Your player will be issued all equipment except the following:

personal water bottle, t shirt, sliding shorts with hard cup or shorts with athletic supporter and hard cup, socks, cleats, mouth protector and just as important is bringing a great learning and never quit attitude!

We do have a limited collection of used cleats available to those who need them.

​Optional items you may wish to provide for your player include gloves, forearm protection,

cold weather undershirts and/or long johns, combination back/kidney protector belt.

​Why are the coaches yelling all the time?

           Its a matter of the helmet earpads rubbing against the players ears when in motion, that make it difficult for them to hear the coaches instructions when using a normal voice.

A warm FTF welcome to all new  players and their families!

This page is dedicated to you! We hope that all your initial questions can be answered here (in the near future) in order that your first season is successful and fun