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Grades 7-8 Tackle Football
Grades 7-8 tackle football program competing in the Eastern Maine Middle School Football League.

A new Head Coach for the 7th/8th grade team is joining us.  His name is Jordan Barnett-Parker.  He joined Coach Chilton's staff towards the end of the Middle School season in 2013 and brings a fresh perspective to Five Town Football on coaching your child's age group for 2014 and hopefully beyond. He is also the assistant Wrestling coach at the Camden Middle school.
After wrestling in middle school and high school,Jordan played 4 seasons of semi-pro football in Austria and Germany while pursuing his Masters degree. He played RB/OLB with the Kirchdorf Wildcats from the GFL (German Football League) and the Pforzheim Wilddogs of the 3rd German League. During this same time he spent 2 years as the RB/LB coach for the clubs Juniors program for ages 13-18. This was in a highly structured German national league, where players are chosen and participate in international competitions for the German national team.
Coach J believes in hard work and preparation, as well as putting players in positions that are appropriate for their size, development, and skill level. Safety is paramount, which is why Jordan is also a certified Heads-Up coach with USA Football, as well as being a fingerprinted and verified member of the Maine DOE. We are please to have him join our ranks!  Please stay tuned for further updates from the FTF staff!


Camden Snow Bowl

Home Games
Camden Snow Bowl

Middle School Head Coach
Jordan Barnett-Parker

Middle School Assistant Coaches
Anthony “Hutch” Hutchinson
Kenny Johndro
Mark Cayouette
Brian Hebert

Team Mom
Eileen Hebert

2013 Middle School Jammers Roster

1 Justin Young RB/CB 7
5 John Chilton RB/S/LB 8
9 Calvin James RB/LB/CB 8
10 Kerry Sabanty RB/S 7
22 Spencer Johndro RB/LB 7
25 Jack Morse RB/LB
33 Matt Nickerson RB/DE 7
43 Ethan Cayouette WR/DL 7
56 Connor Hedstrom OL/DL 7
60 Tyler Gerry OL/DL/RB 8
61 Aaron Jones OL/DL 8
71 Isaac Bartlett OL/DL 7
78 Eben Merrifield OL/DL/RB 8
85 Sam Hebert WR/DL 7
87 Marco D’Amato RB/WR/LB 8
88 Michael Russillo RB/CB 8
91 Noah Lang OL/DL/LB  7

Volunteers Are Key to Our Success

Our parents are an important part of our team. Without our parents the logistics of staging home football games would easily overwhelm FTF organizers. Our winning formula calls for parents to assist with game day logistics twice per season. The Team Parents will organize schedules and volunteer activities. Please indicate during online registration your preference from the list of volunteer duties below.

Team Parent
Coordinates team/parent communications, snack schedules, volunteers, team parties, and gatherings, etc.

Work with coaches on game days to track game statistics.

Chain Gang
Run first down and ball markers during home games.

Video home and away games.

Digital photos of home and away games.

Clock Operator
Runs clock during home games.

Sets up field before home games.

Helps prepare and serve food and beverages in the concessions stand.

Helps coordinate away game transportation needs