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 Congratulations to our

Fall Flag Team
on a sucessful

2017 Season!

We hope to see you all
Winter Flag in Feb. 2018

Ethan   August   Liam   Ethan

​Tyler  Garrett

​Jack   Tathum  Austin


2017 CYFL JV Champs

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Winter Flag Football

Mondays starting Feb. 26th at The PITCH

Come on in out of thecoldand warm up on thestadium turf

for more details


Thank you to FTF Coaches for all your time and effort to help every player realize the "I can" attitude

Flag - Jody  Dan

JV - Keith  Jed  Dave

Varsity - Kenny  Dan  Ross  Tom  Joe  Tom

Middle School - Joe  Tim  Dan  Carl  Chris

Thank you to all FTF families for your efforts throughout in helping to make this another great season of youth football for the Five Towns!!


Five Town Football (FTF) is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by parents at an annual meeting. All parents of children participating in the various programs are considered voting members of FTF. All Board members and coaches are unpaid volunteers.

Five Town Football
P.O. Box 72
Rockport, Maine 04856

2018 Winter Flag Week 1 video courtesy of Michael Russillo Productions

Congratulations to our Varsity
for an ever improving 2017 Season!

​We hope to see you all
Winter Flag in Feb. 2018

Danny     Zach     Matt   Dylan  Cam   Mason    Vincent    Cayden   Colby A.   Keith   River   Reid   Brayden  Lincoln Colby B.  Miles   Hayden   Will  Owen

JT    Franklin

Middle School Jammers

Congratulations on a great 2017 season where every player stepped up and improved throughout

We hope to see you all at Winter Flag in Feb. 2018!

Asa   Thomas  Amos  Saxton  Aaron  Louis   Cas  Joseph  Mason  Enzo  Caleb  Joey  JJ  Dakota  Ryan



​with a well fought game over our worthy opponents Belfast 7-6

​Congrats to the Undefeated  (9-0)

​Judah   Kristian  Michael  Mason

​Kayden   Justin   Levi   Alec   Garrett

​Cleo  Jacob   Henry

​Harris   Hollis

Your Champions!!